Judit Kun

Judit was born and raised in Budapest. She started Lotti and Maxim back in 2013 when she had discovered Montessori for her own children, Lotti and Maxim. Since Montessori schools were not available in Hungary, she, like many moms around the world, thought about starting her own. She began with a daycare, named after both of her children, Lotti and Maxim in the Pest side of downtown Budapest. The school began to expand and grow. Soon the school had 2 Primary classrooms and one Toddler room. In 2016, the school was registered as a Kindergarten. Judit expanded from the original school in Pest, to a new, much larger campus in Buda in 2016, in order to serve more families. The new Buda campus currently has two Primary classrooms, One Elementary classroom, 2 indoor gymnasiums, an outdoor skiing are with lifts, in addition to approximately 25,000 sqm of outdoor wooded, play, exploration and playground area.

Judit’s dream and life goal is to be Hungary’s premier, authentic Montessori education provider, to the residents of Budapest, and the world.